MG Blends - Wine outside the box

About us

MG Blends is the new go-to brand for all the main players of the WINE and FOOD sector who want to step up their strategies and internationalize their excellencies in new markets. 
Behind MG Blends and the company are the founders, Manuela Matzeu and Giulia Cesari, two Italian “citizens of the world” who both fully embrace the concept of internationalization, digitalization, innovation, tradition and humanization. We mainly focus on countries such as Portugal, Italy, Spain and Brazil, but thanks to our vast network of contacts, partners and associates worldwide we are able to work at global level guaranteeing result-oriented strategies and solutions.
MG BLENDS - wine outside the box

What we do

On the market MG Blends is the new bridge company to support and assist all the wine-makers, companies, suppliers, importers and distributors who are willing to expand their commercial network at international, national and local level, with guaranteed success and results.

Should you be a small, medium or big enterprise, at MG Blends you will always find the perfect blend for your needs.

Strategic consulting – Internationalization – Positionning – Digital Marketing – Marketplace – Enoturism – Smart Solutions – Tastings and Events 

Always new iniciatives and much more!

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Our events, wine tastings, projects and best moments with our partners and clients 

Webinars, events, new projects and initiatives worldwide!

MG BLENDS - wine outside the box

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Originality, flexibility, commitment and innovation are the values transmitted by our partners.


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