MG Blends - wine outside the box

About us

Our experience in partnerships and negotiations allows us at MG Blends to guarantee the perfect match between importers, suppliers and producers, not only in terms of analysis, market and brand positioning, but also and most importantly in terms of culture, one of the biggest obstacles to face if unprepared for it. In this scenario, our deep knowledge of the origin and destination markets and cultures makes the real difference, turning MG Blends into the perfect catalyst for a customised partnership based on every client’s needs.


Manuela Matzeu

Founder & Ceo

20-year-experience in Export,  Internationalisation and Human Capital Development. WSET 3 level Global presence and expertise  (Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Northern Africa) 6 languages spoken: Italian, Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Portuguese.

Giulia Cesari

Co- Founder & Ceo

10-year-experience in communication, public speaking, interpreting and translation Port wine expert Expertise in intercultural relations, with main focus on European countries and Brazil 5 languages spoken: Italian, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish (bases of Polish).

MG Blends- wine outside the box


What really makes MG Blends stand out is our past and present history.

 Our blend is what makes us different and turns our company into something new, complete,dynamic and flexible.

We met only last February 2020, on the internet, for a mutual project we were both working on. For this reason, nobody more than us understands how crucial it is, in these uncertain times, to keep moving your business forward with a creative vision and a fresh, technological mindset that brings innovation in support to our traditions and identity.

This is why MG Blends was born during these months. This is why we are the only one-stop-shop “2020 tested”!


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